The Purpose of our Association

Under the approval of Master Chen Xiaowang, the Hong Kong Branch of World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association was established in Hong Kong in June 2009. The establishment purpose was to promote Taijiquan, to improve people physical health, to propagate the traditional culture of Taiji and Qigong. Since 2019, our curriculum has focused on the essence of Taijiquan including the law of body mechanic with the integration of principle of three types of body movement. This has converted the mysterious of Taijiquan into systematic science approach.
Everything is yin and yang – there are gains and losses. During the epidemic for three years, Head of Hong Kong experienced four hotel quarantines, the calm and quietness resulted in a full comprehension of the roadmap of Jinlu (qi sense) of Chen Family Taijiquan, his teaching method has elevated to a higher level. Holding the vitality, nourishing the energy (qi) and rejuvenating the spirit.

During the three years of the epidemic, pupils were lacked of group activties, addicted to video games, detached from real life, wandered in the virtual world, and became lonely and fragile! We advocate Taijiquan as a martial arts, provide training in a rigid, soft and pleasant way, create a positive and optimistic attitude for primary and secondary school students, and train them to become pillars of society with the approach of happy Taiji, which is one of our major goals of coming 5 years of the Hong Kong Branch.

Life is a positive brief, the persistence of propagating the Taiji – may elder people get a quality of healthy life, may young generation build up a strong body and character and learn the wisdom. 

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