Profile of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

- Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is the Head of Chen Family Taijiquan, the First of the Four Vajra,
   the President of the World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association:
- He is the Chen’s Taijiquan 11th Generation (19th Descendent) of the birthplace of Taijiquan
   Wenxian County, Henan Province:
- Proficient in Chen’s Taijiquan theory, routines, weapons, push hands and freehand fighting:
- One of the most influential figures in Chinese martial arts for thirty years, representative of
   national intangible heritage, Chinese Martial Arts 9th Dan;
- In 2013, he won the CCTV “Light of China – Spreading Chinese Culture Person of the Year”
- In 2013, he won the Second Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor Award, one of the
   most successful grandmasters of the generation.  

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