Introduction of Chen Family Taijiquan

Taijiquan is not just a martial arts, it is a health cultivation, a kind of spiritual practice and aesthetics.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang said: “Once Dantian’s central status is formed, it can in turn lead the whole body in its movements. Dantain’s leadership helps to establish the afore-mentioned body mechanism on our body, enabling Qi to flow throughout our whole body, connecting all parts together”.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, When Qi leads blood to flow through our body, our circulation system gets a very good exercise. Blooding flow is driven by Qi. Any place Qi is having problem flowing through, there will be pain and illness at the point. Once we can get Qi to flow through the spotfreely, we can reduce, or even cure the illness. Through Taijiquan practice, we drive Qi to lead blood flowing through our whole body, reducing chances for illness and pain.

Compared with other types of martial arts, Chen Family Taijiquan is unique. Fast and slow in between, energetic and capering, silk reeling throughout the body, inside and out working together, these are the stylistic features of Chen Family Taijiquan. People at all age can practise with no strict limitation of space.

Taijiquan can cultivate your heart, balance your mind, improve your health, yield wisdom, and keep your body in good shape.

Taijiquan can flow like water with continuous action, as well as the coordination of the whole body, it bring people a pleasing beauty, it is an aesthetic wonder. 

Learning Process

Chen’s Taijiquan Elementary – Stage 1
Understand the primary theory of Taiji
Silk Reeling (single hand front reeling, horizontal step, double hand reeling, front forward step, back forward step, palm reeling, side reeling, single hand mini-reeling, double hand mini-reeling, leg reeling)
Learning routines:
- Chen Family 19 Forms Taijiquan
- Chen Family 38 Forms Taijiquan
- Chen Family Old Frame Form One (Lao Jia Yi Lu)
Chen’s Taijiquan Secondary – Stage 2
Further review on the completeness of the routines learnt (expression of style, power exertion of punches, understanding and manifestation of inner and outer triad)
Learning new routines:
- Chen Family Old Frame Form Two (Lao Jia Er Lu)
- Chen Family New Frame Form One ( Xin Jia Yi Lu)
Ancillary training:
- Chen’s pushing hands (1. Banghua, 2. Fixed steps, 3. Movable steps, Taiji 8 methods)
Chen’s Taijiquan weapons – Stage 3
Consolidate the Taijiquan routines learnt, further achievement of Qi flowing through our whole body, connecting all parts together, exertion of soft and bouncing.
Learning new routines:
- Chen’s single sword of 49 forms
- Chen’s single sabre of 22 forms
Ancillary training:
- Chen’s pushing hands (Big picking, random flower picking), concurrently practicing internal Qi exercises.
Chen’s Taijiquan complex weapons – Stage 4
Continue to consolidate the routines learnt, practise internal skills, master the application techniques,
Learning new routines:
- Chen Family New Frame Form Two (Xin Jia Er Lu)

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