Latest Event

2024 March, by the invitation of the Head of Brazil Branch of CXW Taijiquan Association, Dr Wong, via on-line shared his insight on practising Taijiquan and Taiji culture with some renounced Taiji experts in Brazil.

2023 December, the magazine of “Today China” published an article on Master Wong of his intoxication in Taiji with original intention.

2023 December, Taiji brother Mr Estevam Ribeiro from Brazil and Mr Elliot Jacobson from England visited Hong Kong: Share the Taiji, Share the Good Health.

2023 May, by the invitation of Phoenix TV, Master Wong appeared in a TV series of Hong Kong Story with the title of Doctor of Martial Arts.

2023 March, Master Wong joining Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang participated in the 24th Shenzhen Traditional Martial Arts Elite Show.

2023 January, Master Wong and his students participating in the Cross-strait Taijiquan Exchange Competition. 

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