Public Welfare Activities: 

Public Lectures and Media Promotion by Master Wong

- 2019 March, Presided public welfare lecture in Wanchai;
- 2020 May, invited by World Taiji Net to partake the event of Taiji Famous House via on-line, on
   the topics of “Charismatic Taiji: The Arts of Studying the
- 2021 Jan., invited by World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Promotion Centre on the topics of “Taijin
   Health and Immunity”;
- 2021 Nov., invited by Hong Kong Wushu Union in celebration of Taijiquan as the Human
   Intangible Heritage, delivered lecture on the topics of “Charismatic
   Taiji: The Code of Healthy”;
- 2021 Dec., invited by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, eMBA course, delivered the lecture
   of “Taiji and Management”;
- 2022 May, invited by The Alumina of the University of Liverpool delivered on-line on the topics
   of “Charismatic Taijiquan: Essence of Taiji and
   Demonstration of Lung Exercise against the Issues of Pandemic”
- 2022 Dec., invited by Japan Shobu School Hong Kong Kenwu Association delivered the talk of
   “Charismatic Taiji: Place of Birth and The Code of Healthy”;
- 2023 May, invited by Pheonix TV on appearing in the TV series of “My Hong Kong Story of
   Wong Pak Ho - Doctor of Martial Arts”;
- 2024 March, by the invitation of the Head of Brazil Branch of CXW Taijiquan Association, Dr
   Wong, via on-line shared his insight on practising Taijiquan and Taiji culture with some
   Taiji experts in Brazil. 

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